Why Do Nurses Wear White Coats?

Hospital doctors, nurses and medical students mostly wear white coats. Many people especially kids and teens have a doubt about why these medical professionals prefer white coats.

Why do they always wear white coats?

Nurses wear white coats as the new standard of the medical profession.

The white color is associated with virginity, purity, innocence, light and goodness.

The white is the color of perfection and representing the cleanliness, purity and safety.

The white has a positive connotation as opposed to black.  

History of white coats

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Though doctors and nurses used the black coats before 1875, they replace black coats with white coats.

This shift happened quickly due to different reasons such as Thomas Eakins’ two famous paintings portraying doctors in an operation theater dressed in dark coats namely The Gross Clinic in 1875 and doctors all wearing white coats called The Agnew Clinic in 1889.

The white coat became the best approach for portraying the doctor as safe and clean source of authority in the enhanced medical field.

This image of the doctor and nurse has never left so far.  As a result, the iconic nurse’s white coat was born.   

Whats the point of these white coats? 

Nurses wear white coats mainly because easy recognition by their patients and colleagues.

These white coats have separate pockets to put essential items.

A white coat worn by the nurse is made up of polyester, cotton, linen or mixture of these materials. And they go great with a nurse watch, like these. 

Nurses who wear this white coat can easily identify whether it is clean or not.  Doctors and nurses have adopted white coat from laboratory scientists in the middle of 19th century.

They began to wear white coats as the recognizable figure in 1889 AD.

The modern white coat was first introduced by Dr. George Armstrong in Canada. He was the President of the Canadian Medical Association and a surgeon at the Montreal General Hospital. 

Benefits of the white coat

Patients in the hospital can easily identify their nurses when these nurses wear the same uniform scrubs color.

Nurses prefer and dress in white color coats as their uniform.

Many members of the nursing community all through the world these days frown upon white coats as difficulty to keep such coats clean. 

The operating room attire was white in the 1940 to stop pathogens and infections from spreading.

The aseptic technique was employed in operating suites to quit such spreading.

A good combination of the white apparel, white surroundings and bright operating rooms played the main role behind the successful treatment.

On the other hand, attire of the operating room was changed from different shades of green as doctors and nurses get eye strain from white surroundings. 

The white color is suitable color for charitable organizations worldwide.

Residents of many countries imagine angels in white dress at all times.

White is usually associated with dairy products, low fat food and low weight.

Nurses wear white coats and keep themselves healthy on a regular basis.

They assist their patients to be comfortable throughout the medical treatment and get well soon