What Is A Wet Nurse?

Before going into the concept of wet nurse let’s have a look on, why mother feeding is the most important thing?

For an infant baby’s mother feeding is the essential thing to increase immunity and also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle in the future, so they introduce the concept called wet nurse.

Wet nursing is the ancient culture and wet nurses are the one who cares and breastfeed another child.

These nurses are appointed when the mother is not able to feed their babies.

These situations happen when the mother dies or she is not willing to feed her baby and also in some other situations.

The children who are cared for by the wet nurse will be called milk siblings.

Suppose if the mother cares their babies in a vice versa then that will be called as cross-nursing.

This culture has been followed to have a mother’s milk for every child.

drawing of a wet nurse holding baby

Why Some People Need A Wet Nurse

Before the invention of supplements like formula milk the only option to save the child is a wet nurse.

In rare cases, they use animal milk but it is more inferior than mother’s milk.

There are many reasons why some mothers are not feeding their babies? Here are a few:

  • If the mother can’t able to produce sufficient milk naturally or due to some diseases like chronic diseases. Then if she undergoes any treatment also she cannot feed because some medications may affect the baby.
  • If the mother consumes drugs continuously then she should not feed the baby because it will affect the baby health.
  • In ancient days upper-class people won’t do breastfeeding because they consider this as unfashionable.
  • Moreover, if they feed they will lose their figure so fashionable clothes doesn’t suit them, for such reasons they won’t feed the baby.
  • If there are multiple births for the mother then there won’t be sufficient milk for feeding, in such cases, they use wet nurses for feeding.
  • If the mother is working due to some financial issues then she can’t feed continuously, for this they suggest wet nurse.

What It Takes To Become A Wet Nurse

The main eligibility for a wet nurse is, she should be able to produce the milk.

The wet nurse can elicit milk by two methods one is the natural method and the other one is an artificial method.

If the wet nurses have given birth recently then they can feed naturally.

There is also another way to elicit milk by using breast pumps, this is the artificial method to feed the baby.

Wet nurses not only feed the baby they will also take care of sometimes like daycare and they will get pay according to the work they are doing.

These wet nurses can be employed by both the upper class and middle class because the charge will be less expensive.

So the concept of wet nurse introduced in the ancient period was a wonderful thing, that all the babies can have mother’s milk.

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