What Is A Charge Nurse?

A charge nurse is a person who is essentially in charge of the ward in the hospital or other kinds of healthcare facility provided in the hospital, where they can perform many kinds of tasks other than the works done by the general nurses.

These charge nurses will be having some kinds of the supervisory and managerial duties in addition to caring for the patients these charge nurses ensure that everything.

These charge nurses are delegated with the work of tasks, monitor admissions, prepare schedules and discharges comparing to other nurses this charge nurse has the mix of clinical experience, good management and communication skills where these are the highlights that make the charge nurse excel in their position.

Most of the people have the doubt that where these charge nurses work and the answer to them is that aside from the general hospitals these charge nurses can be also employed in the nursing homes, medical clinics, urgent care clinics, physician office and in other kinds of the specialized medical care units.

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Just small amount of travel is found to be a necessary thing for the charge nurse this is because they need to do the managerial aspects of the job and in sometimes these charge nurses required to attend the offsite meetings outside their area.

The charge nurse is a job where the person has so many kinds of responsibilities and they will be taking care of the hospitality management in an efficient manner with their managerial and communication skills.

charge nurse helping elderly patient

Roles And Duties Of The Charge Nurse

The charge nurses manage all kinds of the activities of medical facilities or hospital wards and these nurses also supervise the coordinate care, handle lots of paperwork, staff nurse and take care of the overall treatment.

Apart from these activities the charge nurse will also be taking care of the emergency cases when it arises, moreover these charge nurse must be a knowledgeable person where she must know the employer’s procedures and policies and should ensure that they are properly carried out by the staff members.

The following are some of the duties and roles of the charge nurse:

  • The charge nurse provides the patient education
  • She monitors and orders supplies
  • Charge nurse participate in the patient care regular meetings
  • The charge nurse is the responsible person to orient and train the new nurse
  • Charge nurse take care of the patient care status, discuss personnel with patient relatives and families and gives the administrative reports

Most of the charge nurses working in both private and government hospitals hold the same responsibilities and duties where the charge nurse will be taking care of all the work that the patient requires.

These charge nurses are appointment by considering many qualities and factors that they possess in the medical field after considering many factors these nurses are being appointed as a charge nurse.

The charge nurse has more experience comparing to the general nurse working in the hospital.