How To Make Your Personalized Nursing Bags Look Like A Million Bucks

When it comes to personalized nursing bags there are 3 really cool ways to make your bag stand out. 

In this post I'll show you how to make your bag far superior to regular nursing bags

3 Ways To Make Your Bag Stand Out

To truly make your bag look really cool and unique there are a few elements you can consider. These 3 will instantly make your bag noticeable and leave others curious. 

1. Colors

Picking the right colors is very important. Just look all around you.

Top brands use colors to stand out and make people notice them. 

Anytime you see the beautiful bright yellow Mcdonalds arch you may be tempted to pull into the drive through (but you shouldn't).  

Or what about Target's famous red and white colors. 

Bottom line is picking colors that go well together will make your bag really awesome. 

two pretty personalized light blue and pink bags side by side

Here's a great color palette picker to help you find colors that go well together. 

Pick something that matches your tastes and style. 

2. Logo

Having a logo is another on of these things that'll make your bag look top notch. 

You'll be instantly recognized as someone of high value. 

NOTE: use high quality materials when making your bag. That way your logo will be synonymous with superior quality. 

3. Quote

This is a really nice touch to add to your bag. 

Think of some of your favorite quotes and incorporate them onto your bag. 

Whenever you look at your bag you'll be reminded of the quote and it'll make you smile. 

Now Go Make Your Bag!

Pick a set of colors, get a nice logo made & find a decent quote that resonates with you. 

Then go and make your personalized million dollar nursing bag 🙂

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