Looking For A Nursing Bag From Etsy? You Have To See This First…

When it comes to Etsy there are many wonderful things you can find on there. However, when it comes to nursing bags BE CAREFUL. 

Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe and get the bag you want..

What To Look Out For When Buying Bags On Etsy

I always tell people to do their research before buying anything and this is no different. 

Imagine you get on Etsy looking for the perfect nursing tote. You find one you like and are super EXCITED to order it. 

You push the purchase button faster than kids run after the ice cream truck and await your dream bag... 

The day comes when it arrives and you are HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTED. The bag didn't turn out how you wanted it at all...  

Sometimes it be like that. 

But here are some tips to help keep you safe. 

Beware Of Fakes

There are a lot of people selling fake stuff online. Many popular brands get ripped off everyday.

Make sure the stuff your buying is real and fits the bill. 

Send Poor Quality Packing

Quality is really important when bag shopping. Last thing you need is for your bag to break on you in the middle of your shift. 

Here's a list of the top quality nursing bags. 


On Etsy, pick someone who uses high quality material and you should be safe. 

Expensive (Don't Nobody Got Money For That)

Price is another factor when finding a good nursing bag. It would suck to spend your hard earned nursing bucks on an overpriced bag. 

Look for bags priced between $30-$90 to ensure maximum quality without strangling your bank account. 


When shopping on Etsy for a nursing bag take your time and choose wisely.

It's possible to find a good bag if you know how to look. 

picture of a personalized bag from etsy that has RN stitched in

Prioritize authenticity, quality, and price to find the ultimate bag for you.