How Much Does A Nurse Make?

Nursing is one of the most preferred professions by many people around the world.

Nursing career is high in demand and available with loads of perks like job stability, employee benefits, and high average salary.

The median salary of the registered nurse was $70,000 per year in 2017.

The overall salary of the registered nurses is depending on the duties they handle day after day.

You can focus on the following details and get an overview of how much registered nurses make.  

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How Much Do Registered Nurses Make?  

The role of the dialysis registered nurse is to assist patients who deal with kidney-related health problems.

Registered nurses specialized in dialysis work in private practices, clinics, and hospitals.

They assist patients to enhance the health via an enhancement in lifestyle habits and a good diet.

The dialysis registered nurse salary is $66,542 per year.   

Oncology registered nurses work with cancer patients, administer chemotherapy, consult with physicians and monitor the progress of patients.

They usually pay attention to the specific area of the oncology and maintain emotional stability.

The salary of the oncology registered nurse is $168, 160.  

Post-anesthetic care unit registered nurses assist every patient to regain consciousness subsequent to the surgical procedures.

They monitor important signs of such patients and react immediately to every complication.

They have proficiency in the anesthesia-related side effects. They get the salary $65, 434 per year.  

Neonatal intensive care unit registered nurse cares for and treats every newborn in particular premature and ill baby.

They provide mother like care to newborns, giving guidance and support to mothers of such newborns.

They administer suitable medications as well as treatments as per the guidance from the physicians.

They get a salary of $61,252 per year.  

These nurses make a good earning which can be spent on things like nursing gear and other things to make life easier.

More Nursing Salaries

Travel registered nurses visit patients in hospitals, homes and other settings.

They conduct routine tests, prepare meals, monitor patient progress and administer medication.

They provide enough assistance to the homebound patients and assist clinics to deal with registered nurse shortages.

They work as independent contractors.

They also work with health service organizations.

They earn high on a regular basis as the maximum demand for their services. They earn $65, 995 per year. 

Intensive care unit registered nurses give the best in class treatments in the general as well as particular critical care situations.

They work with an aim to assist patients of every age group to heal ill health conditions.

They provide life-saving care and handle a high amount of stress.

They earn $62, 688 per year.  

General hospitals and physician offices recruit qualified registered nurses with an aim to improve the overall quality of the treatment to all patients on time.

Registered nurses earn $33.41 per hour at hospitals and $29.86 per hour at doctors’ offices.

Registered nurses in the wholesale electronic markets, brokers and agents earn $42.07 per hour.

Educational institutions provide $35.84 to registered nurses for an hour of medical services.

Registered nurses working for the federal governments earn $38.11 per hour.