Do Nurses Take An Oath?

In this modernized world, many students feel hard to choose their career path due to many reasons.

When you look on business sectors, there are plenty of field available but among all medical sector remains to be top most successful business sector than other fields.

Thus, people prefer to have their career in the medical industry, at the same time people might think doctors, surgeons and other specialists are only career in the medical field.

This fact is entirely wrong apart from surgeons and specialists there are plenty of openings are available for nurses, supporters, therapist and a lot more.

Among all nursing is widely preferred job in recent times.

Although nursing remains to be widely chosen career, in real majority of people do not aware about roles and responsibility of nurses.

If you want to become a nurse, then it is essential to know all details about the nurse jobs

Why most of the students prefer for nursing career?

Some people may think nurse career is an easy career field that only involves patient care but in reality this thought is entirely wrong.

The nursing career is typical field similar to doctors.

When you look on to the nursing career many aspect candidates have common doubt about oaths.

This question remains common with all people who prefer to start their career as a nurse.

The main reason behind this doubt in nursing field is, it’s working and responsibilities are similar to doctor profession.

In the same way how doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, nurses also need to take an oath known as Nightingale Pledge.

Moreover this nightingale pledge is taken by nurses depends on policy of their nursing school.

By hearing this people may wonder what does the nightingale pledge is for.

This nightingale pledge is nothing but an oath to God that states clearly how they would take their medical professional in their life and promise to be trustworthy and truthful to all patients.

Here are the top shoes for nurses.

How this nightingale pledge oath came into practice?

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As a traditional practice all medical professional would take an oath this practice of taking oath is came into existence from Greece country.

A famous physician took a true Hippocratic oath in his entire life. Here are some of the major factors that are considered as vital things in his medical professional oath are listed below.

  • To treat medical need people and teach medical mentors at no cost. 
  • Make benefits for sick people to cure
  • Ensures to keep patients confidence level high
  • Not to practice surgery like abortion or euthanasia 

Thus all the above mentioned factors are major parts in his Hippocratic Oath and principle in life.

Later this Hippocratic Oath changed into different styles.

However the main phrases in Nightingale Pledge is nurses should maintain high confidence, maintain their professional standards, serve doctors in trustful manner and hold their personal hygiene and purity.

All these should be followed by nurses when they took professional Nightingale oath but in modern trends these factors has been changed based on people’s needs which created a great controversy among nursing graduates.