Best Watches for Nurses 2020

Nurses should ideally choose digital medical watches. Ordinary watchers will show time but they would be futile when nurses have to track and record vitals, need a handy scheduling system to administer medication, to set alarms and conduct pain assessments or reassessments.

Medical watches can also facilitate lab charting and documentation. There are various details that nurses must attend to and bear in mind at all times. Not all details are entirely medical or related to patients. Some details may be administrative, collaborative or professional chores. 

What To Look For In A Good Watch

Nurses need reliable watches that are always accurate with their timekeeping but there should be some more features to make their work hours simpler. There are many ways to assess a medical watch. First, you must have a list of features you need.

Nurses often have specializations. The exact demands of a place where they work will also influence the decision. For instance, the face of the watch is important. It may have a small dial or a larger one. It may show military time or have a traditional twelve hour display. Personal preference can be factored in here.

There are analog, digital and smart watches. The numbers may be regular or large. You may prefer a certain background. There might be a need to have a backlight feature, especially for nurses who work in radiology, surgery and some labs where lights have to be turned off. 

Legibility and coherence are basic needs. You cannot take a moment to know what time it is. An instantaneous glimpse and you should know what the watch displays. The material a medical watch is made of is a significant factor since it should not be incompatible with sanitization.

The material should be easy to clean and sanitize. It should not have any abrasive quality. No materialist component of the watch should pose a threat to a nurse, patient or anyone at their workplace.

Medical watches are usually of rubber, resin and plastic. They can be washed. Some use hypoallergenic materials and advertise the same.

The watch must be waterproof. They should be comfortable. Since nurses have long shifts and often spend days and nights at work, the material should not cause any inflammation on the skin.

It should not be too tight or extremely loose. Wrist watches are obviously handier than those hanging around the neck or the pocket timepieces. Lanyard or lapel watches are not uncommon but they may be inconvenient for some nurses.

Anyone who does not like putting on a wrist watch and any activity wherein it could become a problem would warrant considering a lapel or lanyard watch. 

What's the Best Smartwatch for Nurses?

Smartwatches have become really popular recently and for good reason. However, in this post we mainly focus on digital and analog watches because they are the best priced. Checkout this best smartwatch for nurses post to see which smartwatches we recommend. 

Best Watches Reviewed - Top 5 Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses

Now the fun begins. Let take a detailed look at 5 of the recommended watches. 

#1 - Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Casio LRW200H-7BVCF Dive Series Sport Watch

Casio makes more than one watch that is suitable for nurses. It is among the most reliable brands and hence it should come as no surprise to you that one of its watches features on this list.

Actually, a majority of the best watches for nurses are from Casio, which is in case you prioritize features without spending a small fortune. The LRW200H-7BVCF is affordable. It has an hour marker design with multiple colors. The segregated date window is also handy.

The background is white. The mineral crystal acts as a protective cover. The use of plastic and resin makes the watch light and easy to handle. It is waterproof up to a depth of three hundred and thirty feet or a hundred meters.

This is enough for your watch to resist water when you wash your hands or even if you spray water directly on the watch. It is a basic watch with no fancy features but it does what is needed. 

Casio Womens Classic Analog Watch

This is a great choice if you prefer analog watches. It is another affordable watch for nurses from Casio with a rather simple but bold design. It is easy to read and definitely durable.

It does not have any secondary dial and hence if you are looking for more minute reading of time then you have to look elsewhere. The analog watch features quartz movement.

The band is of resin and the case is of plastic. The watch can resist water during regular washing and cleaning. This is not a watch that you can wear during a scuba dive. 

Casio Mens MRW200H-1BCT

This is slightly bulkier to look at than the watches for female nurses. There is a date window. The black background and white numbers make it easy to read time. The rotating bezel does not make clicking noise.

The hour hands are luminous and there is a protective cover on the dial. Water resistance is up to a depth of a hundred meters. You may also consider Casio Unisex Analog Resin Strap Casual Watch. 

This watch is elegant but simple and affordable. It is an accurate timekeeper. You may find it to be a little expensive compared to other brands but it is indeed one of the reasonably priced analog watches of Swatch.

If you want a watch to stand the test of time and not go kaput sometime in the near future, then this is a safe choice. It is water resistant down to a depth of thirty meters.

Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

This one is a lightweight but strong watch. Featuring a resin strap and case, the watch has night light mode for darker rooms or settings. There is a date window. It can resist water pressure down to a depth of a hundred and sixty five feet. 


If you want a reliable watch that's going to help you be a better nurse at an affordable price then these are definitely the ones you should check out and compare.