What Are The Best Shoes for Nurses in 2020? Here’s Our Top 5…

Nurses need comfortable and durable shoes.

The right ones should be lightweight but stable.

The lack of bulk and weight should not be a reason for instability or limited comfort.

The shoes must be able to endure the weight of a nurse and facilitate relentless movement, even if it is just walking or pacing, for several hours at a stretch.

Below are the 5 we recommend... 

What To Look For When Choosing Footwear 

Good shoes will provide impeccable ankle and back support.

Your feet should be steady, whether you are standing for a long span of time or continuously moving around. 

If the shoes cannot support the natural form and size of the feet, the arch and the usual movement when you are walking, sitting and moving your legs, then you will experience pain in various parts of your feet, legs and back.

Support And Comfort Is Important

Whether or not a pair of shoes can provide the necessary support will depend on its material, design, height, shape, and craftsmanship.

You should also opt for ones that are slip resistant. 

Here at sleeknurse we believe the material, the manufacturer, the exact design, the quality of craftsmanship and the cost is of utmost importance.

You may also have your own preferences pertaining to style and color.

Many nurses do not like the generic shoes as they appear customary and bland.

Why type and design matter

There are many types of shoes nurses wear and prefer.

Four of them are most common and popular. These are clogs, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, and crocs.

Each of these types has specific benefits. They also have their shortcomings. 

Where you work, the size and form of your feet, whether or not you have any medical condition and how you actually feel wearing each of these types of shoes will influence your choice.

For example, some healthcare workers can only wear a specific color to work.

Such as black or white but for some they prefer colorful designs that stand out like some of the sneakers below. 

Top 5 Most Comfortable Nursing Shoes Reviewed 

Now the fun begins.

In this section we'll look at the top 5 in detail so you can see which fits your needs.

Ready? Let's begin!

#1 - K-Swiss Women's X Lite

K-Swiss Womens X Lite

This is a bestseller among healthcare workers.

It is priced between thirty-four and a hundred and forty dollars. 

The shoe has a nice fit and is available in various sizes and colors.

If you are looking for style and comfort, then this one is going to be on your shortlist.

K-Swiss makes its Women’s X Lite in quarry, bright white and living coral; black, bright white and griffin; blue aster and bachelor button; bright white, quarry and living coral; bright white, moonlight blue and limelight; bright white, camo blue and papaya punch; dynasty green and shocking pink; and quarry, coral and bright white.  

The synthetic shoe comes with a rubber sole.

It is a lightweight shoe, the tongue has a foam pad, there is a collar and you can lace it up.

This is basically a cross trainer and hence quite durable.

K-Swiss has been making tennis shoes for a long time now. Reliability, comfort, and stability are assured attributes.

The materials used in this pair are of premium quality and hence the pricing. 

Skechers Sport Womens Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

Priced between thirty-five and sixty dollars, this pair has an even better fit than the K-Swiss.

Made of faux leather, breathable mesh fabric, rubber sole including memory foam insole and flex groove out sole, coordinating mid sole stripe and bungee laces, the pair comes in a plethora of hues including black, charcoal, mint, hot pink, blue, white, silver, coral, navy, gray and multi color.

These are sporty and cool, cute and comfortable.

If you have twelve-hour shifts, common for nurses, and if you have some problems such as plantar fasciitis or tendinitis then you can safely pick this pair and you would not regret.

Don’t worry about the stiff foam when you first put these on.

Let the shoe warm up for an hour or so and you would realize how comfortable a pair can be.

If you have any foot pain, switch to this shoe and you will get the elusive relief in a few days.

Many female nurses own more than one pair of Sketchers. 

Crocs Womens Neria Pro Work Clog

If you are looking for a cute or stylish pair of shoes for nurses, then this is not for you.

If you are prioritizing comfort, stability, and durability, then you may not want to wear anything else.

The crocs are not always reasonable.

The least expenses ones cost around thirty-eight to forty dollars.

The premium ones can cost over two hundred.

Available in black and white, the crocs are slip resistant, the support for your arch and ankle is superb, you can wear them for a whole day and never feel uncomfortable and the roominess makes sure there is enough space for your foot to feel free.

Just slip into your crocs and slip off whenever you want.

 These crocs are great even if you have plantar fasciitis. 

Savvy Womens Slip-On Clog

These slip-resistant slip-on clogs are great shoes for nurses.

Priced between thirty-five and forty-six dollars, Savvy clogs come in multi rose, pewter croc, black smooth, red, silver paisley, navy swirl, grey smoke, blue-purple storm, blue plaid, floral, tan, pink tooled, gold, silver stripe and blue dot variants among others.

Nurses need shoes that can endure thousands of steps every day.

It is not uncommon for some nurses to walk over fifteen thousand and up to twenty thousand steps a day.

These lightweight clogs will be comfortable throughout.

Dansko Professional Clog

It is near impossible to make a list of footwear for nurses, regardless of the year, and exclude Dansko. 

Priced between sixty-two dollars and a hundred and forty, the professional clog comes in more than a dozen variants, not just colors but also designs.

The clog has a protective heel counter.

The lateral stability of this pair is phenomenal.

There is sufficient wiggle room inside.

The shoes will definitely prevent fatigue and comfort your feet all day long, nights too.

There are nurses who have worn nothing but Dansko all their lives.


Compare these shoes, choose a design and color you would like to sport every day, do not prioritize the price since you will be compromising on some quintessential features and pick a pair that is a perfect fit for your feet.